Terms & Conditions

No returns will be accepted without prior approval in writing. All returns (if applicable) will follow the manufacturing return policy and fee for any product purchased.

VIRO Design & Finishes will access a 25% restocking fee along with the manufacturing return fee for any product purchased.

Any defect material returns will follow the manufactures return terms and conditions outlined in the warranty section below by the manufacturer. A 3% convenience fee will apply on all credit card payments and included as a default line item expense in the sales order.

If you wish to pay by electronic bank ACH transfer, the convenience fee will be accessed a 1% transaction fee for debit card payments and bank transfers. If the fee is not collected at time of payment, a separate invoice collecting the fee will be issued and paid prior to order placed with the manufacturer. A 4% late fee will be accessed on all late payments as defined by the payment due date in the invoice up to 30 calendar days. After 30 calendar days, the client agrees to pay a service charge of 1.5% per month, 18% per year, for all balances past due.

The client agrees to pay attorney’s fees, court costs and all related expenses incurred by VIRO Design & Finishes in attempting to collect delinquent payments due under this contract.

No orders will be placed with the manufacturer until a full payment is processed. Pricing includes five calendar days of storage from when pick-up notification is sent.

If VIRO Design and Finishes is contracted for delivery, the delivery must be schedule for acceptance of delivery within 5 calendar days.

If any materials not picked up or scheduled for delivery within 5 calendar days of the pick-up notification, the additional fees will be accessed for the following fees:

$10 per 48"x40" pallet for each calendar day (not business days)

$20 per pallet greater than 48"x40 (double pallet) for each calendar day (not business days)

Unless the design of your cabinets is performed by VIRO Design & Finishes, you are responsible to review this quote and sales order for accuracy. If payment is submitted, you have authorized this sales order as verified for accuracy. Any items that need to be removed or added after payment is processed is subject to retail pricing for orders smaller than $500 and additional shipping fees.